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Zhejiang enterprise "reduce" a sense of gain "add" new vitality
Click: 2017-12-20

On April 19 this year, the State Council decided to implement six tax reduction measures including the VAT rate of simplification.Over the past six months, how has the policy been implemented in Zhejiang?How has it worked?Recently, the reporter interviewed several enterprises to calculate their tax cuts and negative accounts.

Subtract out the sense of gain

Small and micro businesses enjoy tax breaks

Recently, jinhua city, zhejiang province, dongyang treasurer of dragon hat industry co., LTD. Mr. Yang calculated brushstroke zhang: in 2016, the company's annual taxable income in 350000 yuan, 300000 yuan of the original enterprise income tax preferential policies are no longer applicable, but small micro enterprise by half this year collection of enterprise income tax preferential standard from taxable income of 300000 yuan to 500000 yuan, the dragon hat industry was incorporated into the scope of tax cuts.In the first three quarters of this year, companies received a tax cut of 65,500 yuan.

"With the tax cut, we can buy some new equipment, which is more conducive to the development of the company. The tax cut really benefits us.""Mr. Yang told reporters.

In recent years, the preferential income tax policy for small and micro enterprises has been continuously increased, and the upper limit of annual taxable income of halved tax has been raised successively from 30,000 yuan to 60,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan and now 500,000 yuan, which has added vitality to the development of small and micro enterprises.

Zhuang Meijuan, deputy director of the income tax office of Jinhua Municipal Tax Bureau, told reporters: "Taking Jinhua as an example, there are 349 small and micro enterprises whose profit amount is between 300,000 YUAN and 500,000 yuan. The total reduction and exemption of enterprise income tax is 197.26,900 yuan, accounting for 43.51% of the total increase of preferential treatment for small and micro enterprises in the current period.Half of the policy to expand the benefits of significantly expanded, for the development of small and micro enterprises to bring really good.

According to statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, a total of 243,700 enterprises in the national tax system of Zhejiang Province enjoyed the policy of halving the collection of small and micro businesses, and the accumulated corporate income tax was reduced or exempted by 2.18 billion yuan, an increase of 63%.

"Change" the satisfaction

Lower corporate costs by simplifying tax rates

The simplification of the VAT rate is a highlight of the six tax cuts.With effect from July 1, 2017, the fourth VAT rate has been reduced to 17%, 11% and 6% (excluding zero tax rate), and the 13% VAT rate has been abolished.This is a major positive for further reducing the cost of related VAT enterprises after replacing business tax with VAT.

Hangzhou east China Chinese medicine yinpian products co., LTD is the largest in zhejiang province, one of the most complete Chinese medicine yinpian enterprise scale, enterprise financial wei-ping zhang, director of tax effect is optimistic: "according to last year's sales situation, only this one policy, company will pay less to value added tax 650000 yuan this year, and burden ratio above 15%."

Thanks to the reduction of goods subject to 13% tax rate to 11%, and the strength of agricultural product input deduction for the production and processing of goods subject to 17% tax rate remained unchanged during the period of replacing the business tax with a VALUE-ADDED tax, the VALUE-ADDED tax burden of goods sales industry and agricultural product primary processing enterprises significantly decreased.

Take Jinhua Xinao Gas Development Co., LTD as an example. From July 2016 to June 2017, the VAT payable of the natural gas sales business of the enterprise is 1.957 million yuan, with the VAT tax rate of 1.61%.It is estimated that after the implementation of the tax simplification policy, the VAT payable of enterprises will be reduced to 1.685 million yuan and the TAX burden rate of VAT will be reduced to 1.36% with the market price of natural gas import and sales (total price and tax) unchanged.

Add new energy

Enthusiasm for scientific research and innovation has been constantly stimulated

"Our company invested 34 million yuan in RESEARCH and development last year, and deducted 17 million yuan, and deducted 51 million yuan before tax.After the new regulations are issued, we can deduct an additional 8.5 million yuan per year from the original investment, so that more funds can be invested in new projects in the future."Zhejiang Xinlan Textile Co., Ltd. is a local textile industry leader, corporate finance director Chen Shujuan is looking forward to the expected dividend.

According to an official with the income tax office of zhejiang Provincial Tax Bureau, the proportion of r&d expenses of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises will be increased from 50% to 75%, so that enterprises can invest more money in new products and technologies and stimulate their enthusiasm for innovation.

"The new policy has strengthened our determination to carry out innovative research and development. We spent more than 7 million yuan on r&d in the second and third quarters alone this year, and will continue to spend more in the later period."Zhejiang Zhongyun Ma Cloth Co., LTD., one of the leading enterprises in China's geji cloth industry, said the relevant person in charge.

The reporter understands, six months, the irs, zhejiang province, a total of 30 times media online interview, department symposium 138 times, 562 field training information, online information release, field supervision research of article 660 of the 832 times and 13552 times the door propaganda, through intensive publicity of the tax law and on-the-spot guidance, help enterprises to implement preferential should enjoy enjoy and stimulate the enterprises to develop new kinetic energy.

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