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Many printing and dyeing chemical enterprises to stop production emission reduction disperse dye prices increased
Click: 2019-09-20

        National Day is approaching, since September 16, dye prices have risen again.Among them, disperse dye whole series is increased by 10%, reactive dye whole series is increased by 5%, m-phenylenediamine is increased to 100,000 / ton.With the arrival of National Day, many chemical enterprises stop production to reduce emissions, dye raw materials will cause a shortage of supply.Demand side, printing and dyeing enterprises peak season gold nine silver 10 approaching.As printing and dyeing factories do business, the amount of dye they use starts to rise, and so does the price of dye.A-share disperse dye companies are mainly Zhejiang Longsheng, Leap Soil shares, Anoch, Jihua Group and so on.

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