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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of coagulation and air floatation in textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment
Click: 2018-11-10

Textile waste water is mainly waste water containing natural impurities, fats and organic matters such as starch produced during raw material cooking, rinsing, bleaching and sizing.Dyeing wastewater is wash dyeing, printing, sizing and other processes, containing a large number of dyes, starch, cellulose, lignin, detergent and other organic matters, as well as alkali, sulfide, various salts and other inorganic materials, pollution is very strong.Textile printing and dyeing wastewater water temperature is generally relatively high, can accelerate the process of the hydrolysis of inorganic salt coagulant, coagulation process is beneficial.The pH value can be satisfied by manual adjustment.

Flocculation is a process in which the colloidal pollutants and fine suspended matter in water are destabilized and condensed into separable flocculants under the action of the dissociation and hydrolysis products of the coagulant, including the two processes of coagulation and flocculation, collectively referred to as coagulation.

Coagulation and air flotation is a common method to treat printing and dyeing wastewater, but also a more economical and practical method.The addition of coagulants in the wastewater was intended to reduce or eliminate the rejection energy peaks of the colloidal particles, causing them to collide with each other.The main advantage of the coagulant air float method is the low one-time investment.Low technical requirements for operation management;Suitable flocculants are selected for different water quality, and the treatment effect and cost can be controlled at an appropriate level.The disadvantages are as follows: for some wastewater, there may be high dosage or expensive flocculant, which leads to high operating cost and narrow application range, and poor decolorization effect for soluble colored pollutants;A large amount of chemical sludge is produced, and the treatment and disposal of sludge further increases the operating cost and operational management difficulty, and easy to cause secondary pollution;It covers a large area.

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