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2017 China (yiwu) One Belt And One Road synthetic leather negotiation meeting and China plastic association artificial leather synthesis committee annual meeting leather
Click: 2017-10-14

Yiwu is famous in the world small commodity city at home and abroad, has now become an important intersection, leatheroid, synthetic leather related industries at home and abroad in the development of artificial leather synthetic leather industry has unique geographical advantages and good market trade basic conditions, the current "neighbourhood" national strategy for our country artificial leather synthetic leather go out again, introduction to provide an important development opportunities.

All the way to further play to yiwu in the "area" to expand the international market, consolidate the leading position in the field of artificial leather synthetic leather trade, artificial leather and synthetic leather industry in China area all the way along the country or region upstream and downstream industry chain and the associated industry coordinated development, to the artificial leather synthetic leather industry in our country to go out to provide communication platform.After research, it is decided to hold the annual meeting of China plastic association artificial leather synthetic leather committee and 2017 China (yiwu) One Belt And One Road synthetic leather negotiation meeting on November 7-9, 2017 in China yiwu production materials market.

Exhibition scope:

All kinds of leather, PVC/PU, microfiber, synthetic leather, artificial leather, genuine leather, leather base cloth, chemical industry

Raw and auxiliary materials, leather machinery equipment and environmental protection machinery and other related products.

The main activities

1. Hold "2017 China (yiwu) One Belt And One Road synthetic leather negotiation meeting"

From November 7 to 9, 2017, a synthetic leather market will be held in Yiwu to organize people from countries along the Belt and Road

To participate in the procurement and trade negotiation of synthetic leather and related products

The meeting.Exhibition scale: more than 200 booths were set up to display ecological synthetic leather, green synthetic leather and fashion synthetic leather.Home on the fourth floor

1000 shops and trading areas for artificial leather and synthetic leather;

2. "2017 China (Yiwu) One Belt, One Road Synthetic Leather Summit"

8:30-11:00 a.m. on November 7, 2017, at lecture Hall, A5 Center, Yiwu International Production Materials Market, China;

Keynote report: investment and development opportunities and markets of asean countries, national One Belt And One Road strategies and development policies.

3. Hold "China Synthetic Leather Industry Annual Conference and Industrial Cluster and Friendship Consultation Symposium"

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