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The Chamber of Commerce organizes health and leisure activities
Click: 2015-05-03


Take a trip without delay!On the occasion of this visit, the Chamber of Commerce decided to visit Mount Wuyi Scenic Area, a national 5A key scenic spot in Fujian Province.A group of Chinese historical and cultural celebrities such as Zhu Xi, Lu You and Xin Qiji lived and taught in Wuyi mountain successively, leaving behind a lot of cultural heritage.Jiuqu River as the main line of the scenic area, there are mainly Tianyou Peak, Yunu Peak, Dawangfeng, Shuiliandong, Tianyan and other tourist areas.

The chamber of Commerce a group of people together through the so-called Wuyishan first dangerous peak Tianyou Peak.The towering peaks, the steep hills, the rock walls polished by the wind and the rain, many of the steps sloped almost vertically and zigzagged with no end in sight.After climbing for more than an hour, our legs began to ache, so we sat down to rest while enjoying the beautiful scenery and taking pictures.

Mountain climbing is a kind of exercise, but also a very exercise of willpower.This is a good opportunity for mutual exchanges, a good event to unite the hearts of the chamber of Commerce, gather its strength and inspire its morale.Finally, we insisted on climbing the complete mountain under the encouragement of President Wang, and we were all full of joy and joy.For the usual busy in the business office of the boss, rare out of the office, into the arms of nature, breathing pure air, enjoying the beautiful scenery, tired is no longer.

At last, President Wang, on behalf of all members of the Chamber of Commerce, thanked Mr. Gong Yongfu, chairman of fujian Tianfu Biotechnology Development Co., LTD., for his warm reception and his support to the work of the Chamber over the years.

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