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[Dynamic] Chamber of Commerce organized a group to visit Shaowu Industrial Park in Fujian province
Click: 2015-05-03

On April 11, at the invitation of The Commerce Bureau of Shaowu city, Fujian Province, our chamber of Commerce organized an investigation delegation to Shaowu city for a two-day business investigation.The President, the executive vice President unit and the enterprise financial staff a total of more than 20 people to go.The delegation visited the phase I and Phase II platforms of Jintang Industrial Park under the leadership of Shaowu Municipal Bureau of Commerce.It is learned that the industrial park is the fujian Provincial "circular economy" demonstration industrial park and fujian province "twenty-five" fluorine chemical industry development base, the total planning area of 26 square kilometers, has completed the construction area of 3,000 mu, has a number of strong enterprises settled.

The next day, shaowu finance Bureau, tax bureau, commerce bureau leaders and members of the chamber of Commerce delegation talks.At the meeting, huang Zhibiao, director of the Finance Bureau, said that the industrial land transfer price of the first phase of the park is 30,000 yuan per mu, investors pay down 30% of the land price, can enter the site and start construction, the rest can be paid in installments within a year, namely for the land property rights certificate.Adhering to the concept of "serving merchants is serving the development", the park implements the whole process of "nang-style" service, "zero charge" management, and treats the owners with sincere investment.Enterprises entering the park shall, upon verification, complete the fixed assets investment of more than 5 million yuan, be issued a certificate by the municipal government to their customers and enjoy all preferential policies issued by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government.

President Wang Huiqiao was very pleased with the olive branch offered by Shaowu Municipal government. He also thanked the municipal leaders for their attention to the visit and put forward some Suggestions.Members of the delegation also expressed their ideas after visiting the industrial park.After the meeting, Chairman Wang said that Shaowu is an important industrial town in northern Fujian, and Jintang Industrial Park, as a professional platform of fine chemical industry in Shaowu, will be a hot place for investment and development in the future. The chamber of Commerce is very optimistic about its significant regional advantages, advanced service concept and preferential investment policies, and will give priority to it in the future.

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