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In the report on the work of the Municipal Government for 2020

"Promoting the Transformation of synthetic Leather Industry to Water-based ecological Synthetic Leather"

Lishui development zone, synthetic leather industry since 2003, after more than ten years development, has formed industry scale more than 70 one hundred million yuan of regional characteristics of the traditional industry cluster, the synthetic leather industry enterprises (including synthetic leather, leather cloth, non-woven fabric, resin, paper of mold manufacturing enterprises), 48, accounts for 32% of the province of synthetic leather production, about 7% of the country's production, even across the country, occupies an important position in the world in the production of synthetic leather, and established the central heating, the kettle centralized treatment, resin barrels of recycling, sludge incineration, ShuiGe sewage treatment plant and other supporting facilities,It is one of the synthetic leather industrial parks with the fastest development, the most complete industrial chain and the highest industrial concentration in China.

However, with the gradual development of synthetic leather industry, the negative impact of industrial development also gradually appeared.Dimethyl formamide (DMF) is the most widely used organic solvent in synthetic leather enterprises, and also the main cause of the park's odor. The synthetic leather industry has gradually become a "synonym" for pollution.

Beginning in 2019, lishui development zone as the "rectification of history's most severe synthetic leather industry promotion action" horn, to build the national first-class, the international environmental protection standard of highest synthetic leather industry park as the goal, benchmarking out a batch of backward low-end enterprises, set up a batch of leading enterprises, benchmarking transformation development a batch of water-based high-end products, efforts to promote sustainable development of high quality green industry.

Green change "leather"

The curtain

Transformation in the article

Encourage existing synthetic leather oil to change water.Increase the subsidy for water-based technical improvement to 50%.In addition to the complete transformation of Changfeng and Fansheng Microfiber, synthetic leather enterprises in the park gradually began to use water-based materials on a large scale.

Build an ecological leather industry cluster.Ecological synthetic leather as the core, the introduction of water-based leather, water-based resin and other industries mainly industrial chain enterprises.At present, new projects such as Taizhou Hongdeli water-based resin project with an annual output of 80,000 tons, jiaxing Jiake water-based leather production project with an annual output of 28 million meters, etc.

Building an ecological industry innovation service complex.It has cooperated with Zhejiang University, Sichuan University and China Metrology University to build five platforms, including r&d platform, public service platform, business incubator platform, science and technology trading platform and science and technology finance platform.

To build the largest water-based ecological synthetic leather industry base in China.The permanent venue of the National Water-based ecological synthetic leather Industry Conference will be established, the counterpart meeting of ZDHC brand alliance will be held, the technical standard innovation Alliance of fashion leather industry will be established, and the five-year action plan for the international leading local standard improvement of the industry will be formulated.

Results report

The total number of oily production lines has been slashed.The production line of oil synthetic leather is cut by more than 30%, which makes room for the development of the next quality enterprise.

The environmental quality of the workshop has been significantly improved.Through the comprehensive update and upgrade of the gas collecting seal, the unorganized exhaust gas is greatly reduced, and the workshop basically realizes no peculiar smell.

The appearance of the factory has been greatly improved.Through the introduction of 6S management, enterprises clean production level to reach the domestic advanced level.After experts on-site acceptance, 31 enterprises have reached A level above.

Some technical difficulties of waste gas treatment are solved.In 2019, the three pilot projects of synthetic leather drying method DMF spraying, post-treatment VOCs treatment and finalized waste gas odor treatment were launched.Among them, DMF level 4 spray tower renovation pilot has achieved remarkable results, treatment efficiency of more than 99%.

Ambient air quality has improved significantly.According to the monitoring data of VOCs station in the development zone, the concentration of DMF in the air in 2018 decreased by 13.72ug/m3 or 41.7% compared with that in 2017.The concentration of DMF in the air in 2019 decreased by 15.79ug/m, or 82.4%, compared with that in 2018.

Improve paper

The strictest standard.The exhaust emission standard of synthetic leather renovation and acceptance inspection is more than 50% lower than the current level, which is the strictest international standard.

Enterprise promotion.

1. Improve and upgrade the gas collecting sealing system.The company comprehensively updated and upgraded the gas collection and sealing system of the production line in the workshop, basically achieving full coverage of organic waste gas collection.

2. Improve exhaust gas treatment facilities.Pilot projects were carried out to treat synthetic leather by DMF spraying, finishing VOCs treatment and finalizing waste gas odor.

3.6 Improve site management.Enforce 6S on-site management in the industry, and formulate 6S Management Scoring Method for synthetic Leather Enterprises.The enterprise has cleared and rectified nearly 38,000 square meters of floor space, and the working environment of the factory has been significantly improved.

4. Improvement of smart management.Every enterprise construction rain, pollution double - port monitoring facilities.In gejibu enterprise pilot production lines, treatment facilities current monitoring, real-time monitoring of enterprise exhaust facilities.

Strong guarantee.

1. Follow up and make judgment.The main leaders of the MANAGEMENT Committee go to the site every half a month for investigation and hold special meetings to listen to reports, grasp the progress and unify their ideas.

2. Technical support.The expert technical team involved in the whole process, studied and formulated detailed standards and requirements for remediation;Hire a team of environmental stewards to feel the pulse for remediation;Organize synthetic leather industry enterprises to visit Fujian, Jiangsu and Shaoxing.Domestic cutting-edge technologies such as photocatalytic oxidation + biological treatment of finalized lampblack, activated carbon adsorption and desorption regeneration treatment of VOCs waste gas, and ultra-gravity technology for industrial waste gas purification.

3. Strengthen supervision.A special inspection team is set up to report progress every half a month and issue red and yellow card warnings to enterprises that fail to meet the progress requirements.

4. Policy guidance.We will increase funding for enterprise renovation, and increase subsidies for ordinary technical renovation projects from 12% to more than 30%.Give 500,000 yuan/piece of oily production line reward to the enterprises that take the initiative to eliminate.The total subsidy amount is expected to reach over 50 million yuan.

Continuous and in-depth renovation to improve

An increasingly improved ecological environment

Green change "leather"

I'm sure it will happen soon

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